Who, What, How, Why

You may be asking yourself “Who is this guy?”, “What does he know?”, “How does he know it?, and most importantly “Why should I read and listen to what he says?”. The information on this page aims to answer all of these questions and put your mind at rest 😊.

I’m an Information Security professional who has been working in the field of technology for about 20 years, working on tasks from computer assembly in the old days, all the way up to setting information security strategy for companies as CISO these days. Apart from holding a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, I hold varuious certifications in teh fields of technology and security and memberships in Information Security leadership groups locally and internationally.

Information Security (or InfoSec as we like to call it) is my day-to-day and I’m lucky enough to be genuiniely interested in the subject. I have a general desire to educate people on InfoSec terminology and spread awareness on how to live a secure life, because if we’re all more secure in our daily tasks, then that means that our companies, countries and most importantly kids are automatically made more secure. That’s where the Papa part of this all comes in. As well as a professional, I’m also a father to an amazing little girl. She has made me wany to a better human being and try to make this worls a better place while setting a good example.

I’ve run through the Who, the What and the How with regards to my credentials, my knowledge and my general desire for awareness, but I haven’t touched on the Why yet. Although you’ll probably have to make your own mind up on this one, all I can say is that my passion and knowledge for the subjects I talk about here will hopefully shine through my content 😎.

Enjoy, learn and most importantly, stay safe!